First Eastern October 18-19, 1985

Table of Contents


A Multi—Disciplinary Undergraduate Engineering Project at a

Liberal Arts College ….. 1

Roy B. Davis, Trinity College

David J. Ahlgren, Trinity College

Integrating Computer Applications Into Precalculus, Calculus

I, and Calculus II …..  13

Nancy King Harrison, Mercy College


Some Topics From Numerical Analysis Using Microcomputer

Graphics For Better Understanding …..  24

Edward Duggan, Iona College


The Computer As Tool For Theater and Stage Design …..  35

Thaddeus Gesek, Vassar College


The Quantitative Analysis of Greek Poetical Style …..  37

Dee L. Clayman, Brooklyn College, Graduate Center, CUNY


Computer Models In Undergraduate Economics …..  40

Robert Jones, Skidmore College


Novelty of Computer Models …..  41

Lewis C. Sage, Union College


Computer Models in Undergraduate Economics …..  43

Katharine P. Sheppard, Skidmore College


Using Spreadsheets and Statistical Packages: Avoiding The

‘Black-Box’ Problem …..  45

Gary Anthony Gigliotti, Rutger University


Computer—Models In Upper—Division Microeconomics Courses ….. 51

William C. Kolberg, Ithaca College

Computer-Based Model For A Priori Determination of Enrollment Requirements For Courses Past The Introductory Level ..... 53

T. E. Quast, Arkansas State University

Data-Logging on Microcomputers: Thermistors for Temperature Measurement in the Elementary Laboratory …..  58

James J. Ruddick, S.J., Canisius College

Thaddeus J. Butch, S.J., Marquette University



Application of Lotus 1-2-3 To Chemistry …..  68

Parker B. Baum, Skidmore College


Editing A Journal With A Personal Computer …..  70

John N. Serio, The Wallace Stevens Journal, Clarkson Univ


Emerging Patterns Among Students Using Word Processing:

Habits, Products, and Attitudes …..  74

Barbara Adams, Ithaca College


Is Bigger Better: The Comparison of a Course, “The Computer in

Literary and Linguistic Studies …..  80

Joseph Rudman, Carnegie-Mellon University


Appropriating the Personal Computer For Professional and

Personal Growth …..  90

Frank J. Watson, University of Vermont


Computer Anxiety of the College Novice …..  93

Virginia Cronin, Mercy College


The Personal Computer Assistance Program …..  101

Emil C. Neu, Stevens Institute of Technology


Choice of Computer Language to Meet Educational Needs in

Computer Science …..  109

Patricia Woodworth, Ithaca College

Philip W. Brashear, Eastern Kentucky University

Allen B. Tucker, Colgate University
Hoyt D. Warner, Western New England College


Computation: An Introduction to Engineering Design ..... 112

Harold Abelson, MIT

Gerald Jay Sussman, MIT


A Faculty Development Program In Computer Uses …..  127

Ann Wonsiewicz, Muhlenberg College

Donald Shive, Muhlenberg College

Evaluation and Observations of a Computer Literacy Faculty

Development Program at East Tennessee State University ..... 133

Robert R. Riser, East Tennessee State University

Anthony Z. Cole, East Tennessee State University


Pedagogical Consluerations For Training Faculty, Or, What Do

You Teach Uptight Faculty About Computers …..  147

Frank W. Connolly, The American University


Teaching Problem Solving Using LOTUS — A Service Course for

Business and Social Science Majors …..  159

Rosemary Schmalz, University of Scranton


Student Experiences In Developing A User-Friendly Accounting

Package …..  162

Thomas L. Peralta, Goldey Beacon College

Eugenia Certesio, Goldey Beacon College

Sylvia M. Berta, Goldey Beacon College

Patti C. Seay, Goldey Beacon College

Ronald J. Gawinski, Goldey Beacon College


Using Computerized Analysis Of National Surveys In Introductory Social Science Courses …..  183

Thomas C. Brogan, Aibright College


Computers In The Biology Laboratory …..  188

Henry M. Knizeski, Mercy College


A Planning Model for Creating and Managing Educational Computer Facilities …..  191

Thomas J. Bergin, The American University


Computing Centers Using Small Timesharing Microcomputers As A Viable Alternative …..  202

W. Gary King, Eastern College


Lessons of the Past Inspire Lab for the Future …..  206

J. B. Orris, Butler University

Michael Moran, Butler University



A Tennessee Mandate - The Year After …..  212

M. Gene Bailey, East Tennessee State University


Developing and Implementing A Plan For Computer Literacy —

Experiences at the College of Charleston …..  218

George J. Pothering, The College of Charleston


Updating Computer Literacy Courses in Small Colleges ..... 229

Mary Ann Robbert, Sacred Heart University


Learning Chemistry By Creating Simulations On PC …..  235

Larry M. Julien, Michigan Technological University


Real Time Modeling of the Glucose Tolerance Test …..  237

David L. Wilcox, Eastern College


3-D Images of Complex Molecules …..  245

John J. Farrell, Franklin and Marshall College


Making Computer Resources Pay Off …..  257

Herbert W. Bomzer, Fordham University

James Kerny, The American University

            Ron Hunter, New Jersey Educational Computer Network Campus

Richard E. C. White, Queens College, CUNY


Developing Computer/Microcomputer Competency Across The

Psychology-Sociology Curriculum …..  259

Mary C. Kraetzer, Mercy College

James C. Dooley, Mercy College

Stephen A. Daniel, Mercy College

Tulio P. Ferisin, Mercy College

Richard L. Hudson, Mercy Colleg e

Mary Knopp, Mercy College


Using a Microcomputer in the Study of Irony …..  268

Robert Ponterio, St. Lawrence University




Freshman Writing Seminar And The Use Of A Database …..  275

Willard Ticknor Daetsch, Ithaca Col lege

Patricia Woodworth, Ithaca Col lege


Position Paper: Computer Models in Undergraduate Economics …..  282

Stephen R. Crutchfield, University of Rhode Island


Introduction of the Computer into a Social Research Methods

Course …..  284

Ellen Casper, Marymount College


Project Orpheus: An editor and performance system for Common Musical Notation …..  286

Mark Resmer, Vassar College