Third Eastern October 16-17, 1987



An Interdisciplinary Art/Computer Science Course ….. 1

Quincy Egginton and Howard M. Kellogg, Mercy College


Microcomputers in a Visual Arts Curriculum …..  9

Doretta M. Miller, Skidmore College


The Computer: Liberator or Jailer of the Creative Spirit …..  12

John Pearson, Oberlin College


Gauss-Jordan Elimination with Drudgery Removed …..  28

Suda Kunyosying, Shepherd College


Using Spreadsheets in Engineering Design, An Example of

“Cheap CAD …..  35

Ladiner S. Nagurney, University of Hartford


Computer Graphics for Sophomore Calculus — A Project ..... 48

Melvin C. Tews, Holy Cross College


Attracting and Retaining Computer Science Faculty …..  59

Greg W, Scragg, State University College at Geneseo, NY

Kim B. Bruce, Williams College

Jane Hill, Smith College

Robert Martin, Middlebury College

Ted Sjoerdsma, Washington and Lee College

Alan Tucker, Colgate University


Development of a Curriculum Module on Computer/Microcomputer Applications for Medical Sociology: Health Care in the United States …..  67

Mary C. Kraetzer, Mercy College


Using the “Adventure Construction Set” to Teach Social Work

Practice Skills …..  75

Adele Weiner, Marist College


Computerization of Paper-and-Pencil Psychological Tests: Do

Custom and Omnibus Computerization Procedures Affect Test

Validity …..  81

Gene E. Fairchok, Marywood College

Edward J. O’Brien, Marywood College


Scheme as a First Language …..  90

Kenneth A. Lambert, Washington and Lee University

Language-only courses: a proposal …..  95

Stanley E. Seltzer, Ithaca College


Teaching Ada in a Small College Environment …..  101

Harold Youtzy, Jr., Briar Cliff College


Women in Computers: Almost a Success Story …..  108

Beva Eastman, William Paterson College

Shelley Wepner, William Paterson College

Jean Werth, William Paterson College

Mary Ellen Capek, National Council for Research on Women



Introducing Computer Applications via the Generic Approach …..  113

Richard Paul, University of Maine at Machias


Humanizing the Computer: A Course for Non-Science Faculty ….. 123

Robert S. Tannenbaum, Hunter College of the City University of New York


Teaching Introductory Graphics in a Microcomputer Environment …..  149

Karen E. Donnelly, St. Joseph’s College


Some Educational Lessons from Artificial Intelligence and

Machine Learning …..  157

John T. Ritschdorff, Marist College


The Role of Al in the Liberal Arts and Sciences: A Study of

Expert Systems and Their Applications …..  168

Larry Bielawski, Goucher College



Labs in the Computer Science Curriculum …..  172

Greg W. Scragg, State University College at Geneseo, NY

Nancy Baxter, Dickinson College

Robert Cupper, Allegheny College

Donald H. House, Williams College

Charles F. Kelemen, Swarthmore College


Manipulating Matrices for Job Costing and Inventory Management Linkage Using Lotus 1-2-3 …..  181

Ronald J. Grambo, University of Scranton


Teaching Sensitivity Analysis in Financial Decision Making

Using Lotus 1-2-3 …..  192

Mary J. Howard, Marist College


Integrated Microcomputer Graphics and Simulation in Open

Economy Macroeconomics …..  195

Wahhab Khandker, University of Wisconsin/La Crosse

William Wehrs, University of Wisconsin/La Crosse


Beyond Small Programs …..  210

Dennis S. Martin, The University of Scranton


A Simulator for Tannenbaum’s Micro-Architecture …..  214

Douglas L. Cashing, St. Bonaventure University

Vivie G. Babb, St. Bonaventure University

Harry T. Sedinger, St. Bonaventure University


Using C and Modula-2 for Concurrent Programming Exercises ….. 218

Doug Harp, Ithaca College

Chuck Leska, Ithaca College

Stan Seltzer, Ithaca College

Dave Weil, Ithaca College


Word Processing in the Disciplines …..  238

Barbara Adams, Ithaca College

Kathleen Skubikowski, Middlebury College

Brian Gallagher, LaGuardia C.C. (CUNY)



Ethics and the Law: Our Responsibilities in Computer Education ….. 250

John Arch, Shippensburg University

Gary Armstrong, Shippensburg University


The Goucher College Biographical Reference Advisor: A Case

Study in Building an Expert System …..  257

Robert Lewand, Goucher College


Use of the Tandy Model 100 in Science Laboratories …..  264

George W. Briggs, SUNY-Geneseo

Robert D. Simon, SUNY-Geneseo


An Undergraduate Course in Computer Modeling in Biology for

a Small College …..  272

Roy S. Meyers, Skidmore College


Online Determination of Poisson and Gaussian Distributions

in a Physics LAB …..  286

James J. Ruddick, Canisius College

Michael Kosakowski, Canisius College


Experiences in Local Area Networks …..  291

Pierre A. von Kaenel, Skidmore College

John Busak, Mt. St. Mary College

Bonnie Gilman, Bard College

Denis Kaminski, Bergen Community College

Tom Smith, Manhattan College



CAP100: A Dynamically Growing Introductory Computer Applica

tions Course for a Liberal Arts College …..  295

Jorge Luis Romeu, SUNY - Cortland